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Business should be SAFE!

When personal computers appeared, there were those who hacked for fun. As computer networks became part of the business processes, there were those who breaks them for profit. With the global spread of IT appeared global threats: massive cyber attacks, mass surveillance programs, industrial espionage, carders. The threat is always there, the question is how to protect themselves from it.

Practical Security Lab provides control of computer network security on an ongoing basis, protects software and hardware's development from copying. Provides a full cycle of import substituting of proprietary equipment. Investigation of computer incidents. Forensic.

Our adavantages

  • 1
  • We give guarantees We will refund the money if the result is not reasonably satisfied.
  • 2
  • We have a team of professionals Our specialists have extensive experience in dealing with the typical and unique projects.
  • 3
  • We support the customer We continue to advise the client after the project on IS for free.
  • 4
  • Unique Methodology Based on the experience of completed projects, we have developed a unique methodology for improving the quality of research and nearly eliminate the possibility of human error.
  • 5
  • Unique research We have developed our own software, automating the work, which allows for a unique depth and breadth of research and eliminate the possibility of human error.