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Information Security Audit

Penetration testing

    Penetration testing is one of the most rational methods of testing the security of IT-infrastructure in which our experts will explore the possibility of an authorized manner of obtaining unauthorized access to the Customer's information from potential intruders.

    Such testing would absolutely give an independent assessment of the security of your network and the relevance of the means of protection in practice.

    A team of specialists in Practical Security Lab with the Customer determines the complexity of the work, after which simulates the action of an external or internal attacker with respect to the object under study.

    Penetration testing will identify existing gaps in security, determine the current state of protection of your assets in practice, not in theory. These measures can reduce the risk of information security.

Monitoring of IT-infrastructure protection

    Protection monitoring made by Practical Security Lab is a subscription to continuous monitoring of security of your IT-infrastructure by our specialists. Such cooperation allows you to "close" the issue of control of security perimeter of your network on a regular basis.

    Each month reveals new vulnerabilities of certain programs and operating systems, critical security updates for which are delayed or do not go at all. IT-infrastructure changes under the goal of business processes, together with the changes, new vulnerabilities and gaps that threaten the stability of business processes and confidentiality of intellectual property and commercial secrets.

    We provide perimeter security monitoring for companies, conduct regular penetration testing to identify new vulnerabilities, inform you about the problem and eliminate it. All this allows us to take control of risks of information and focus on business processes.

Remote Banking System Audit / Web applications

    We conduct safety audits of the most complex web-development, including e-banking system. Various web-application process critical information for companies and their customers. Any security incident with these systems, in addition to direct losses, carries long-term reputational consequences.
    A careful study of such systems for vulnerabilities - a must for any company that cherishes its assets and customers.

Preparation to PCI DSS

    PCI DSS is a mandatory international standard for all financial institutions, working with Visa and MasterCard. Failure to comply with the requirements of which leads to heavy fines and loss of appropriate licenses. We help these companies to bring its network in compliance with the requirements for obtaining a certificate of conformity.

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