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Incident investigation

    When prevent information security incident was not possible, there is a necessity in restoring the chronology and determine the cause of the incident. These are necessary steps to prevent similar situations in the future and to take urgent measures to prevent the spread of damage now.
    There are times when there were only suspected incident happened, but there is no conviction. For example, a competitor began to post regularly updated information about the future plans of the company, and the company's key customers on a regular basis "intercepted" competitor. All this makes to think about the leak of confidentional information, possible insider in the company, which sells the information and hacking servers.

Timely measures and identified causes of the incident save your money and assets in the future.

Minimization of consequences

    In the case where a violation of information security has led to a release of information in the field of unwanted information, or in any other way harmed your company, our experts are ready to adjust the information field for you.
    The complex work on updating information space includes displacement inappropriate content by pouring high-indexed positive, neutral, or even completely senseless, but indexed by the same search queries content.
    As a result of this complex work in a few months we can completely clear the information field of traces of information security violations.

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