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Practical Security Lab

About Us

Practical Security Lab is a team of professionals. Information security is not just a job for us, but a vocation and a personal challenge.

We are experts formed a team in 2013 to carry out complex and interesting projects. Each of us has more then 10-13 years of experience of auditing cybersecurity.

We solve the most complex tasks of cybersecurity including scientific research and search for 0-day vulnerabilities, pairing up unique teams for unique projects.

We have international OSCP, CEH certificates, and extensive experience of working from industrial plants to government ministries.

We work with banks, the fintech sector, industrial enterprises, and enterprise businesses. We focus on practical IT security related to the detection and prevention of specific risks of cyber threats and the protection corporations from industrial espionage.

Our experts completed projects for:
Commercial sector
  • Nintendo (is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and video game company)
  • Invitae (a genetic information company, is bringing genetic testing into mainstream medical practice) (USA)
  • GLOBAL Technologies (is an International Company specialized in designing, installing, operating and maintaining critical technical infrastructure and systems) (France)
  • Acron Group (is a leading global mineral fertilizer producer)
  • Finam Holdings (Russia's largest brokerage and investment group)
  • HeadHunter (Russia's largest online recruitment company)
  • UralKali (the world's largest producer of potash fertilizers)
  • Sberbank (the largest transnational bank of Russia, Central and Eastern Europe)
  • Gazprom-Media (is the largest Russian media holding)
  • FxClub (leading Russian retail market Forex)
  • Chronopay (international processing company)
  • TOYOTA (Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer)
  • Peresvet (Major bank associated with the Russian Orthodox Church)
  • More 30 banks for PCI DSS Compliance
  • Another banks
  • Korolevsky Pipe Plant and other plants
  • Paybis / AlfaCashier and other cryptocurrency exchangers
  • Many popular Hostings
  • ...

Government sector
  • Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation
  • Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation
  • RosReestr (is the Russian federal agency of geodesy, cartography and real estate)
Our mission is to protect the business of our clients in cyberspace by solving complex problems and confronting professional intruders and commercial espionage. It's a personal challenge for us.
We won Bug Bounty programs
The open offer of companies to freely search for vulnerabilities in their companies and their products with a reward for the result.

Letters of appreciation

Letters of appreciation - ACRON Letters of appreciation - CFB Bank Letters of appreciation - Phenom Team Letters of appreciation - Finam Holdings Letters of appreciation - Expocenter Moscow
Letters of appreciation - Chronopay Letters of appreciation - Finam Holdings Letters of appreciation - Expocenter Letters of appreciation - Oblaqo Letters of appreciation - Capital AM