• Penetration Testing
    Recognizing vulnerabilities of your IT-infrastructure
    by using the method of real hacker attack modelling.
    Ensure the security of your product from copying,
    vulnerabilities and malicious "backdoors".
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Information Security of Your Business In Practice
We focus on practical security rather than formal or "paper" work.

Information Security audit

Analysis of integrity and penetration testing of computer networks, systems, applications and sites.24/7 security monitoring. We use a unique methodology worked out by us in numerous projects including the world's best practice. IS Audit reduces risk and allows you to check the effectiveness of the means of protection
in practice..


Reverse Engineering

Development and testing of security software and hardware systems, the development of analogues. Survey of the development and creation of proprietary counterparts often more profitable than the development of a new product from scratch. The product is deprotected or protected enough to lose its competitive advantage, reduces the company's profits. We do not allow this..



Prompt investigation of cyber crime and security incidents. Gathering evidence and restore history information security incident. Our specialists work together with leading auditors and pentesters, to achieve maximum impact and effectiveness. We localize the problem, prevent damage, make an investigation..


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Support your business on Information Security
We are open to dialogue and would be happy to provide free advice on your problem or task.

Completed Projects
Depersonalized examples of cases and problems that had to deal with our team.

IS Audit

Penetration testing on the branch network across the country (Russia)

IT-infrastructure Penetration testing of companies through internet, a physical "pentest" using social engineering, physical "pentest" using hardware tracking, physical penetration inside the protected perimeter.

Preparation for PCI DSS

Numerous penetration testing of banks and ASV-scan within the PCI DSS, including foreign ones.

Government agencies (Russia)

Penetration testing of several federal agencies and their offices in the country.

Experience in testing payment systems

External and internal penetration testing major payment systems.

Industrial production

IS audit of internal and external networks of production enterprises.

IS audits of Web-resources

Testing media sites, e-currency exchangers, entertainment and others.

IS Audit of electronic documents

IS Audit of distributed electronic document management system. Audit software, protocols and architecture.

Reverse Engineering / Security analysis software

APT "Flame"

The study of "Flame" in the investigation of the IS incident. "Flame" is a complex malware, which is widely used in some countries as cyber weapons.

Analysis and development of corporate rootkit

The development of special software for corporate security for covert surveillance for employees.

Anti-virus products

Leading antivirus products drivers research for vulnerabilities.

Cryptographic software

Security analysis of cryptographic software, the company's market leader in enterprise encryption of traffic.

Reverse Engineering / Import substitution

Localization of cell phones

Commissioned by the US company we modified The low-end cell phones protection localization for Latin American markets. Research and development counterpart was conducted, phone localization and operator lock were made. The basis of the profit that nobody else in the world could copy our product.

Kosher wireless phones

The development of a previous project. The project team worked with George Hotz, known for hacking Iphone and Sony PS3. Creation of ultra-Orthodox Jews phones based on Samsung A157. Phone line with the approved set of religious requirements, for example - cannot send and receive SMS. Phone received official kosher certification from Rabbi of Israel. At the moment no one could copy solution. For sale in Israel and Germany.

Development of GSM-modules analogues

Commissioned by the Chinese company was there was a research and a gsm-module firmware analogue on the base of Infineon E-Gold was developed. It Was also created a hardware-software system for testing and calibration of new modules. Production facilities are located in China.

Development of control unit X-DAQ analogue

Capture and digital X-rays card for screening equipment. Sharing protocols copied, component base completely changed and updated. Created testbed for emulation of X-ray sensors and control of electrical parameters of produced modules. The interface board is fully analogous to X-DAQ and requires no software modifications.


Abnormal activity

Investigation of abnormal activity in the corporate traffic.

Web-resources break

Investigation of incidents of burglary and contamination of web-sites.


The investigation of focused and well-organized attacks using malicious ACT.

Investigation of intruders PCs

Forensic analysis of hard disks of the attacker, crypt-container autopsy.

And other projects ..